4x4 Truck Parts  

More new parts coming soon!


KC light bar kit. 9pcs. Includes bottom light bar, 4 kc lights and 4 kc light covers

(Roll bar not included)

Plow light kit. 2pc. Includes light housing and 2 photo printed light covers

(Housing has that plastic look)

Winch 2pc

Master By: Tim F.

Truck Running Boards tube style Truck Running Boards flat style Truck Rotors
$2.50 $2.50 $1.50 $3.75 $3.75 $4.00

Truck rear bumper w/diamond plate top 8 Hole Truck Wheels (4) Heavy Duty 4x4 Truck Axles Includes front and rear 4pcs.

Rockwell axle kit

Truck side mirrors (2) (You will need to make the brackets Spare Tire








$1.25 $1.50


Lund Style Visor

Fits 84 GMC, 70's Chevy pick ups. 70's Ford pick ups

Some minor fitting may be needed.

White resin Cab Lights Aluminum powder cab lights

Just paint the lens your choice of colors. Red, Amber etc..

Dana 60 rear end 2pc. Transfer Case A


Transfer Case B


Transfer Case C


$2.50 $2.25 $3.25 $1.25 $1.25 $1.25  $1.25

Step Fuel Tanks Qty. 2 (2pc tanks) Truck Mud Flaps Roll Bar lights        
$6.50 $1.75 $1.50        


S10 Pick up/Syclone 4x4 transfer case $1.50
Transmission Chevy 4x4 (2pc.) $1.50
Heavy Duty trans 4x4 $2.00
2" Ball N/A

Coming Soon

Reese Hitch 6pc kit (Mastered By: Craig Hosfeld) N/A
  Rear step bumper (Full size p/u) $1.50
  Rear step bumper (Step side, S10 pick up's) $1.50
  Rear roll pan (Full size) $1.50
Rear roll pan (Step side, S10 pick up and blazer) $1.75
  Weld 4x4 wheels with lock out hubs. (set of 2) TBA

Pick up truck tool box (4pc) Fits full size pick ups


Made for Full Size box. Can be modified to fit other beds also.

Truck Step Plates (2) $1.50
Ford Dually Truck Wheels (8pc.)

Add $2.00 for wheels in black resin




Stock 15" deep dish steely wheels w/front lock out hub (4)

Add $2.00 for wheels in black resin

Dodge truck wheels (6pc.)

Front wheels are 2 pc.

(Tires not included)

Add $2.00 for wheels in black resin


Chevy Truck Wheels B

(Tires not included)

Add $2.00 for wheels in black resin

Chevy center hub caps (4)

Add $2.00 for caps in black resin


Pics coming soon

4x4 Sleeves 4pcs.

Info coming soon


Trailer Hitch

Also can be used for 5th. wheel for pick up trucks

70's 4x4 wheels. 15" With lock out hubs $5.00