Shipping US Priority Shipping $8.00

Updated: 2/19/2008 

All International Orders Email Us With your address USPS Shipping

****We accept Paypal & US Post Office Money Orders, Credit/Debit Cards Only  All Orders USD****

All money orders must be from a USPS (Post Office only)

Paypal and Credit/Debit Cards.

Paypal fee: .3%

Credit/Debit Card fee: .4%

NOTE: All orders are done in the order that they are received. We are currently very busy here and we will get to your orders quick as we can. Also we have not been able to keep parts etc in stock in 9 years or so.

We are not responsible for loss or damage to any orders! Choose Priority for shipping w/insurance, see below for pricing. Please be sure to choose the correct shipping amount when ordering.

New Shipping Prices: (If your order total is $50.00, $51.00 shipping would be $10.00)
Orders now start at $7.50 Priority mail
Orders over $20.00 Priority mail with tracking and insurance up to $50.00 $7.50
Orders over $50.00 Priority mail with tracking insurance to cover your order $10.00
Orders over $200.00 Priority mail with tracking and insurance to cover your order:  $18.00
We recommend  insurance on all International orders. See NOTE below:

NOTE: All International orders, we are not responsible for loss or damage once your order has been shipped. We will send you the Customs form number to track your order as always. To avoid loosing your order and money we recommend you get the extra insurance.

Ordering VCG Reins Policy: Normal shipping is 1-2 weeks, we will let you know when ordering so feel free to ask. Some order may take up to 2-6 months. Please place your order in advance. In most cases orders will be done quicker. Please not that there will not be any refund of any type up to 6 months. Orders are done in the order they received. Distributors Orders: Please note that some may take 1-2 months and up to 14 months to complete and also for large orders, However can ship parts out during this time as they become finished. There is no refunds on orders when they are being processed. Also note that it is just me here doing everything and other life problems etc may arise.

For lost or damaged orders, you must fill out a form at the USPS to file a claim

Email Us with any questions you may have, we would be happy to help


Send us an email with the description of the part(s) you would like with the quantity each. 

Along with your email send us your address and what payment you would like to use.

We will send you the total, invoice number and payment info.

If you have any questions feel free to email or call us.


Any discounts if any apply and will be taken off by VCG Resins and you will receive an invoice for the total.

Printable Mail Order Form

TBA: To Be Announced

N/A: Not Available

Cleaning your parts before painting:

  • Wash all resin parts with mild warm water and dawn dish soap. Rinse off and dry. Best left over night to dry. 
  • Use automotive primer for best results. (PlastiKote) Click here for there information


Parts Prep:

  • Some sanding and flashing may need to be removed from some small parts, however we do our best to clean up the parts before they are packaged.
  • Some parts may have small air bubbles etc. You can use C/A glue, epoxy or hobby putty to fill any small  imperfections.
  • Always test fit parts before painting or gluing
  • C/a glue or epoxy is best for gluing resin parts