Hoods All hoods are $5.00 each. Hoods may need some minor clean up, sanding and some filling of any small pin holes etc. We do most of this in the shop before your hood goes out.

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We are working on new hoods too!

We are working on getting pictures of all our hoods.

NOTE: Hoods are cast per order. Please email us before you order so we can check the mold.


41 Willys Gasser Hood 41 Plymouth Teardrop Hood 49 Ford Tear drop Hood 51 Chevy Teardrop Hood 53 Studebaker Teardrop Hood 55 Chevy Teardrop Hood 55 Chevy 427 Hood




55 Chevy L88 Hood 56 Chevy Stinger Hood 56 Ford Teardrop Hood 57 Chevy 427 Hood 57 Ford Teardrop Hood (Tall) 57 Ford Teardrop Hood (Short)
N/A At This Time          


57 Ford T-Bird Hood 58 Impala Teardrop Hood 60 Ford Starliner  Gasser Hood 60 Ford Starliner Teardrop Hood 61 Ford Starliner Stock Hood 61 Ford Starliner Teardrop Hood  

61 Falcon/Ranchero Teardrop Hood

          N/A At This Time  


62 Corvette Stinger Hood 62 Ford Galaxie Teardrop Hood 62 Impala Teardrop Hood 62-65 Nova Teardrop Hood 62-65 Nova Stinger Hood 63 Ford Fairlane Teardrop Hood 63 Corvette BB Hood
          N/A At This Time  


63 Pontiac Tempest stock Hood 63 Bonneville Stock Hood 63 Galaxy Teardrop Hood 64-65 Ford Falcon Teardrop hood 64 Comet Ram Air Hood 64 Impala Teardrop Hood 64 Chevelle Stock Hood


64 Comet Teardrop Hood 64 Thunderbolt Teardrop Hood 65 Comet Teardrop Hood 65 OR 66 MPC Corvette BB Hood 65 Galaxy Teardrop Hood 65-66 Impala Stinger Hood 65-66 Impala L88 Hood
N/A At This Time            


65 Chevelle L88 Hood 65 Chevelle Teardrop Hood 65 Chevelle Stinger Hood 65 GTO Teardrop Hood 66 Chevelle 427 Hood 66 Chevelle Stinger Hood 66 Chevelle BB Corvette Hood
N/A At This Time            


66 Galaxy 427 Hood 66 Galaxy Teardrop Hood 66 Mustang AMT Teardrop Hood 66 Mustang (Original AMT Fits Best) Stock Hood 65-66 Mustang (Rev. Mon.) Teardrop Hood 66 Nova Cowl Hood 66 Nova BB Corvette Hood


66 Nova Stinger Hood 66-67 Fairlane Teardrop Hood 67 Impala stinger Hood 67 Chevelle L88 Hood 67 Chevelle Malibu Stock Flat Hood 67 Mustang Custom Drag Hood 67 Mustang Stock Turn Signal Hood


67-69 Falcon Teardrop Hood 67-68 Mustang Teardrop Hood 67-69 Camaro Stinger Hood 68-69 Cornet R/T Hood 69 Chevelle Stinger Hood 60-70 Olds 442 Ram Air Hood 69 Camaro Baldwin Motion L88 Hood
    N/A at this time        


69 Nova L88 Hood 69 Nova Stinger Hood 69 Chevelle L88 Hood 70 Vega L88 B/M Hood 70 Chevelle Cowl Hood 70 Chevelle B/M L88 Hood 70 1/2 Camaro B/M L88 Hood


70 Super Bee Picthfork Hood 70 Impala Stinger Hood 71 Duster Six Pack Hood 72 Chevy Pick Up L88 Hood 72 Nova Teardrop Hood 72 Nova L88 Hood 72 Nova Stinger hood


72 Nova Cowl Hood 76 Nova L88 Hood 86 Elcomino Cowl Hood 86-87 Monte Carlo Cowl Hood Mustang 2 Ram Air Hood    
N/A At This Time            


84 S10 Pick up/ blazer L88 hood