Modeler's Gallery

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Bryan MCcallum
1986 Pro-Street Monte Carlo
572BB By: VCG Resins

Jasson Trejo
1970 Chevelle SS
572 BB By: VCG Resins

Craig "Manny"      
1984 Pro Street S10-Blazer
572 By: VCG Resins

Craig "Manny"      
1969 Camaro
572 By: VCG Resins

Rick Howard
69 Camaro
572 BB Engine

Chris White  
Pro Touring Chevy Pick Up
LS7 Engine

Nick Sandone Jr.
El Camino
572 BB TPI Engine

John Campbells


  • 2 Pro Chargers by: VCG Resins
  • Valve Covers by: VCG Resins
  • Optima Batteries by: VCG Resins
  • Shotgun Scoop by: VCG Resins
  • Aluminum Porter Mufflers by: VCG Resins
  • Wheels By: Steve Zimmerman
  • All Fabricated chassis and interior
  • Decals from the 69 Yenko Camaro
  • Rattle can pain w/ 2 coats of clear
  • Jimmy Flintstone Body

Nick Sandone Jr.

Michael Klimaszwski  
55 F100

Ted Cooper
69 Nova
69 Nova with a 572. Custom mixed color, tires from Fireball Model Works. Wheels from the 32 ford kit. Motor wired and plumed with Detail Master Distributor and hoses. VCG Resins 572 engine kit and Accel super coil.

Eli Childs