VCG Resins Is For Sale

Please Read Fully Before Contacting

Do not contact unless you are willing/Interested in this business. If you do not have between 6K-8K do not contact.

Available Separately: (Or all together) 

1. Resin Business

2. Aluminum

3. Decals



Resin parts, aluminum parts, decals, photo etch parts. All resin and aluminum parts, decals etc are 1:25 scale.

New owner to pick up everything or buyer arranges shipping arrangements. (Buyer pays all shipping)

Cash or Certified bank check only.

VCG Resins has been in business since 1994 fulltime. Also note that I will be closing  the DBA Name of VCG Resins  an the tax ID # in a couple months from now as of 3/18/21. You may apply for the DBA as VCG Resins or your new name etc... when you are the new owner.

Listed on to the right is what is included in the business sale.











  • Everything included in the business: I am probably missing a few things in this list as well.
  • Complete Website Files
  • All program files for invoice numbers, invoice sheets and much much more. Can be all put on an a USB external hard drive.
  • Dell desktop computer system
  • HP Laptop
  • Every single mold I have, (There are a lot)  parts, hoods and so much more!!!
  • All casting tools and supplies
  • All mold making tools and supplies
  • All masters that I have over the years! (There are alot of masters and parts)
  • All resin parts that are made and in bins (there are tons of parts!!!!!)
  • Photo Etch Machine with extras
  • All photo etch files
  • All decals on hand, in stock
  • All decal files
  • Tons of label bins
  • Tons of labels for parts (There are many of them)
  • All files for making new labels plus all labels not cut up.
  • Sherline Metal Lathe (Aluminum parts)
  • All lathe machining tooling
  • All lathe cad drawings
  • All lathe files
  • Web Domain name (if wanted)
  • Website Hosting (If wanted)