Diorama Machines All parts, machines with the * are all scratch built by VCG Resins. They come completely built and painted. Some have extra detail as well depending on the machine. Some detailing is extra.

VCG Resins 1:25 Scale

Mechanic Shop /  Body Shop /  Machine Shop

*Custom Built By VCG Resins Only Items, unless otherwise noted. Some are available in kits also.  
We will be adding more pictures and information soon. Feel free to email us with questions.  
Please note: There are no refunds on any scratch building machines, machine kits etc. Building time may range from 2months to 1 yr depending on machines ordered. All paint and supplies are supplied by VCG Resins.  
Email your questions here for more information


Description: Status: Price: Comments:
Scale Boxes (Many to choose from)   $3.00

Email for information.

Diorama Box Sets

Sheets are 8.5" x 11"

New Tire Labels   $2.50

24 per sheet

12 long

12 short

  Paint labels (Spray cans, bondo, gal. paint, and more) Full Sheet 8.5"x11"   $3.00

Email for Information

  Alignment Machine *  

Email for Information

  Body Shop Frame Machine *  

Email for Information

  Garage Car Lifts (Rotary Lifts)  Built By: Rich Weston *  

Email for Information

  Indoor Paint Booths (Built to fit in your diorama) *  

Email for Information

Pic Metal Sheer Machine *    
  Metal Floor Band Saw (Horizontal) *   Email for Information
  Metal Floor Band Saw (Vertical) *   Email for Information
Pic Lathe Machine Floor Model *  

Available in kit also for $19.99

  Bench Top Lathe *  

Coming Soon (Will also be available in a kit)

Pic Floor Model Mill *   Available in a kit also for $11.99
Pic Bench Top Mill *   Available in a kit also for $9.99
  Vertical Air Compressor *   Available in a kit also for $7.00
  Horizontal Air Compressor *   Available in a kit also for $7.00
  Floor Model Drill Press *   Available in a kit also for $6.00
  Bench Top Drill Press *   Available in a kit also for $5.00
Tire Machine

Comes with one tire with new tire sticker.

Comes with some tire tools.




  Mini Air Brush Compressor * $7.00

Available in a kit also for $3.00

Pic Metal Brake Machine *  

This machine is used for bending aluminum

  Stand up shop light (2 lights) *  

Available in red, green, yellow and blue

  Floor shop lights (Qty: 2 shop lights made) *    
Pic Soon 4' Fluorescent Shop Light *  

Discount when ordering more than 4 of each light fixture

Pic Soon 6' Fluorescent Shop Light *  
Pic Soon 8' Fluorescent Shop Light *  
  All types of wall shelves *  

Email for Information

All types Cabinets

(Shown here is a floor cabnet, 2 top drawers and 2 bottom doors. comes with handles.)

Can be stained or no finish look


Email for Information

  All types of work benches *  

Email for Information

  Desks *  

Email for Information

  Office service counters *  

Email for Information

  Display Show cases Indoors (For diorama's 1:25 Scale) *  

Custom Built By: Rich Weston / Email for Information

  Shop sinks (single, dual) *  

Email for Information

  Drop Ceiling for your garage *  

Email for Information

  Heat lamps for body shops (2-3 To choose from) *  

Email for information

  Walk in powder coating booth (Machine shop or custom shops etc..) *  

Email for Information

  English wheel for metal shaping (Wall mount or floor model) *  

Email for Information

  Saw horses (Made from plastic stock or bulsa) *  

Email for Information

  Tube style body paint stands * N/A

Coming Soon

  Rotor and drum lathe *  

Coming Soon

  Engine stands *    
  Cherry Picker *    
Nascar Frame Platform *    
  Wall Tire Racks (all sizes, many styles) * $5.00 & up Email for information
Outdoor Tire Racks *    
  Dumpsters (Many styles and sizes)

Dumpsters have opening lids and/or side doors.

*   Email for information


CNC Machines

Many Different types of CNC machines to choose from, built for your shop.

**   Fully detailed ++ Email for information on type of CNC for your shop!
Motorcycle scissor lifts *    
  Salamander heaters (Floor models) *    
  Hydrylic Presses *    
  Water heaters (Commercial etc.) *    
  Furnaces/Heaters (Indoor floor mounts, roof tops and ceiling mount) *   Email for information
Pic Pallet jacks (push and electric) *   Email for information
  Table saws (Wood shop etc) *    
  1:25 Scale motorcycle frames (Frames come in primer grey or black) *    
  Ladders (Many styles and sizes) *   Email for information
  Scaffoldings (Many sizes and types) *   Email for information
  Pre-painted white bathroom sink w/chrome pipes/knobs *    
  Pre-painted white bathroom toilet *    
  Pre-painted white urinal w/chrome pipes *    
  Toilet paper roll (Wall mount)      
  Pick up truck ladder racks (Made to fit your truck, black) *   Email for information (custom fit to your truck)
Belt drive sander (front and side sanding) *  

Email for information

  Pre-built diorama crates * $5.00 & up

Email for information

  Wood pallets (Different styles and sizes) *  

Email for information

  Electrical Boxes (Indoor / Outdoor) *  

Email for Information

  Electric Meters (outdoors) *  

Email for Information