Diorama Boxes

1:25 Scale

Our boxes are printed in full color and on card stock paper.

More Box Sets Coming Soon!

        To the left our some of our diorama boxes we carry. We offer around 18 different box sets. Also...most of our parts will fit into the boxes when they are made up! (see box on far right side in the picture, there is a 5 star pro street rear wheel in the box! All boxes are printed on 8.5"x11" card stock unless otherwise noted *
  • The boxes can be cut out with a #11 hobby blade, or scissors.
  • The ends fold in, to make the boxes.
  • Tops of the boxes can be glued shut or left open to show parts inside.
  • You can use Elmer's glue or Tacky glue to assemble them together.
  • The tops are made so they can also be kept open.

Coming Soon!

Buy the CD-Rom with all of our box sets and print them out when you need them.

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5 Star Wheel Boxes


Miscellaneous boxes

Item #Summit boxes


Item # Headers, wheel etc boxes