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Soak decal in warm water for a few seconds and it will be ready for placement!

(Decals are printed on white paper unless other wise noted.)

Under The Hood Decals Battery Decals Oil Filter Decals Butterfly Decals

(VCG Resins Shortgun Scoop)

NOS Decals
$2.00 Decals Only $2.00ea. Batteries $1.25each $2.00 $3.50 $1.50


Shock Decals Sponsor Decals Optima Battery Decals
Picture Coming Soon

Includes Top decal and front label

Available in Yellow, Red & Blue

$4.00 $6.50 (This sheet has been update with more on it) $2.00


Miscellaneous Sheet

Miscellaneous Sheet w/VCG Resins Decal





1969 Yenko Nova Set

572 Valve Cover Decals W/Resin Valve Covers (Choose A-F Decal)


Coming Soon
  A B C D E F  


Proline Decals w/valve covers Proline Decals w/valve covers Lunati Decals w/valve covers Sonnys decals w/valve covers        
$4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00        
PL-1 PL-2 Lunati set Sonnys set        


Pro A Med. Pro B Small Shaf Yellow Champ C Shaf D Ling E Moro F  
$1.75 $1.75 $1.75 $1.75 $1.75 $1.75 $1.75